We’ve been pretty quiet about Minecraft Dungeons since announcing our involvement with the game last year but the day has finally come: Minecraft Dungeons is out! We’ve been watching the media and streamers play and talk about Dungeons all weekend and we’re so excited to see the game in the hands of the fans.

You, and up to three follow adventurers, can hack and blash your way through mob-infested dungeons, collecting awesome and unique gear to help you defeat the corrupted Arch-Illager.

We’ve worked really hard to help Mojang Studios perfect this wonderful game, helping with console versions and multiplayer. Matthew Dunthorne, Lead Designer at Double Eleven said that “working on Minecraft Dungeons has been an incredible experience, it was clear from day one it was a special game and having a chance to help shape it has been extremely rewarding.”

You can find out more about Minecraft Dungeons on the official website. Good luck, dungeoneers!


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