Jungle Awakens: New Minecraft Dungeons DLC Out Now

By 03/07/2020Double Eleven

This has been a big year for Minecraft, with the release of Minecraft Dungeons in May and induction into the World Video Game Hall of Fame in June. July 1st saw the release of Jungle Awakens, the first DLC for Minecraft Dungeons for players to explore colourful, lively environments and face off against intimidating mobs while discovering new things along the way. As Producer Steven Taarland puts it, Jungle Awakens “is really charming, and gives us a chance to continue the storytelling of Minecraft Dungeons beyond the base game and show what’s going on in this universe”.

The jungle biome in Minecraft served as a jumping off point for Jungle Awakens. 2D/3D Artist Stephen Sharples explains, “we have had lots of creative freedom to expand on this biome with different textures, lighting and colours to give it some extra polish for Minecraft Dungeons. With the jungle biome in mind, Lead Designer Matt Dunthorne “instantly imagined missions that had the players hacking through a thick jungle in search of a hidden temple”. Like the intrepid Indiana Jones, players can make use of whips and other new items to take on enemies such as the gorilla-like Leapleaf mob, a hulking brute made of twisted vines. Just be sure to mind the peaceful pandas and helpful ocelots!

Welcome To The Jungle!

Building something part of a franchise is scary but hugely rewarding. For Game Designer Cara Hudson, and indeed everyone at Double Eleven, the chance to work on Minecraft Dungeons means a great deal: “A lot of us never even dreamed of being able to put a stamp on one of the biggest franchises in the world, and it is just breathtaking to even have that opportunity”. Jungle Awakens is only the first DLC to add new challenges for existing players and provide new ways to experience the game. So much love and care has been put into these missions and we look forward to following our players’ progress as they share what they find. We hope everyone is excited to explore every nook and cranny of Jungle Awakens, looking for hidden dungeons and treasures.

You can find out more about Minecraft Dungeons and the Jungle Awakens DLC on the official website.


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