Creeping Winter: Second Minecraft Dungeons DLC Out Now

By 16/09/2020Double Eleven

Last week, Double Eleven and partners Mojang Studios released Creeping Winter, the second DLC pack for Minecraft Dungeons. As well as all new levels, players now have access to the free Camp Update and Daily Trials on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Players can experience an icy biome, take on freezing mobs, and find cool items to take their game to new heights. The team at Double Eleven have been hard at work over the summer to bring the players Creeping Winter.

Senior Designer Tom Pedalino explains the evolution of the DLC: “The Jungle and Snow biomes really leapt out at us and got the ideas flowing. Mojang Studios were incredibly helpful in guiding us in ways that meant these levels fit within the lore so the DLC is a truly authentic Minecraft experience. With Creeping Winter, we wanted the level itself to be more of a threat to players. We knew that by the time of release, many players will have finished the game and be used to dealing with mobs in a standard scenario. So we decided to add some additional problems that they need to factor in: slippery ice and freezing water.”

Winter has come early

Navigating the levels carries enough danger without Icy Creepers charging towards you. The familiar mob takes on a wintry mantle, and while their blast doesn’t deal as much damage, it applies a freezing debuff that makes the player very slow. Tom warns: “If an Icy Creeper gets you while you’re on slippery ice, you’re going to have a bad time.

Another new mob is the ranged Iceologer, who wields an Ice Wand to conjure floating blocks of ice that stun and damage players. Associate Producer Jenny Wheatley adds: “It definitely keeps me on my toes when I’m playing these levels, I need to make sure I’m ready to jump out of the way quickly. That mob took quite a bit of iteration to get right and I hope players enjoy fighting them.”

Some parting words from Tom: “Don’t bother the Polar Bears, the Snow Fox is the cutest thing ever, and if you’re enjoying Minecraft Dungeons, don’t worry, we’re just getting started!”

You can find out more about Minecraft Dungeons on the official website.


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