Double Eleven is a UK-based, full-service publisher and developer of interactive digital entertainment. Some of Double Eleven’s most popular titles include the PixelJunk series (PC), Goat Simulator (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4) and most recently working on the Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox 360 Editions of the critically acclaimed Prison Architect.

How We Got Here

We’ve been around since 2009, with the latter half of that time spent as a publisher and developer.

Once upon a time we used to be a Sony exclusive studio, and wanting to chart our own course in 2012 we decided to become independent again. We were and still are a highly technical studio so we thought rather than just look for work we could instead go out and find PC games from other studios we liked and bring them to console. We began our publishing business this way.

Once we were in a good position to let our studio do what it wants to, we began looking to see which other developers we could work with to help develop their own ideas and that we could publish (as opposed to us normally licensing an IP for our studio to work on).

Coming off LittleBigPlanet Vita we became known as a “trusted pair of hands” with other studio’s IP. Our first ‘independent’ title was creating Playdead’s Limbo for PS Vita then later PS4, Xbox One. Along the way, we have also worked with Q-Games on remasters of PixelJunk games, Mode7, Coffee Stain and most recently Introversion with our edition of Prison Architect on console.

Where We’re Going

As a developer, our relationships with other developers are paramount as we understand the hard work required in the industry. ‘Port +ing’ became our bread and butter and is what pays the bills and allows us to take really good care of our team and their families. That’s why Double Eleven was started, to be able to make great games and still spend time with our families, challenging some of the conventional wisdom of how a development studio and publisher should run.

As we grow, we’re continuing to focus on our strong track record of development, as well as investing on taking our publishing arm from strength to strength. We have some fantastic projects in the works and continue to search for new titles and collaborations.

Our Team

Recent News

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Minecraft Dungeons Out Now!

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