Prison Architect – BREAKING NEWS: Prisoners break out of jail and head straight for Consoles

By | Prison Architect

Hey guys!

We have some very exciting news for you… we’re bringing Prison Architect to PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360!

For those of you unfamiliar with Prison Architect, players build and manage their own maximum security prison built to hold the most hardened of criminals. The console editions include a fully-fledged story mode and sandbox mode with entirely new in-game community features allowing players to build, maintain and share their maximum security prisons with the touch of a button.

We’re releasing it across all three platforms this spring, date TBA. For the full announcement and to find out more about what to expect, check out the Prison Architect website


Dev Diary: Onwards to 2016

By | Dev Diary, Double Eleven


We’re now officially done for the year, yes we’re closing our doors on 2015. This is of course is for a well deserved break for all our staff, so that we are all ready and recharged to welcome 2016 head on with our new project and I’m sure many more cool titles to come in 2016. (No spoilers here or else we’d be put behind bars)

2015 has been an amazing year for us, we’ve released a number of titles on multiple platforms, we’ve won an award from [email protected] for Goat Simulator, and we took a few games to different events around the world such as EGX Rezzed in London England and GamesCom in Cologne Germany, as well as attend some local events in the North East visiting a number of Universities.

With all of that said, we’d like to thank each and every one of you that supported our titles and us, without you and the hard work of our staff, we wouldn’t be here today.

In the words of a wise dolphin,

“So long and thanks for all the fish.”

Double Eleven Team

Double Eleven Day

By | Double Eleven, Frozen Synapse Prime, Nom Nom Galaxy, PixelJunk Eden, PixelJunk Monsters, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate


Hey all, it’s officially Double Eleven Day & that means one thing. Sales for a number of our digital games on PC, including the PJ Series, Cloud Chamber and Frozen Synapse Prime.

From starting today for the next 48 hours, you can pick up these games:
PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate (Win/Mac) 90% OFF
PixelJunk Shooter (Win/Mac) 90% OFF
Frozen Synapse Prime (Windows) 75% OFF
Frozen Synapse Prime Soundtrack Edition 75% OFF
Nom Nom Galaxy (Windows) 20% OFF
PixelJunk Eden (Windows) 80% OFF
Cloud Chamber (Windows) 75% OFF
And our latest PixelJunk PC title: PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (Windows) 25% OFF

You can find a number of these and even a PixelJunk Series Bundle for 90% off (containing Monster Ultimate, Shooter and Eden) from our digital retail partners below.

Green Man Gaming, Games Rocket, Direct2Drive, Bundle Stars, and Get Games.

Keep an eye out on our twitter for more news on the sales, as they begin to roll out.

Happy hunting.

– Double Eleven Team

YellowDart is full Steam ahead – PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

By | PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

Hi folks,

We are proud to announce, in our continued collaboration with Kyoto based Q-Games, that PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate will be launching on Steam and Windows PC TODAY!

For that of you that may not know, what is Shooter Ultimate? PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is a twin stick shooter with equal elements of action, exploration, and puzzle solving. The Ultimate’ comes from the fact that PixelJunk Shooter 1 and 2 were combined to make a seamless story mode featuring all of the levels from both games.

That however, is not all, we’ve made a number of enhancements, making the PC edition the best ever version of the game. Players now have the choice to switch between two art styles: the new semi-3D, environmentally lit graphics with other visual enhancements in the ‘Ultimate’ edition or the ‘Classic’ style of the original games. It’s also good news for those who own PixelJunk Shooter already on Steam; Ultimate can use its save game to continue on into the second chapter.

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate will be available on Steam and other selected online retailers from TODAY.

Be sure to follow @DoubleElevenLtd and @PixelJunkNews for more reconnaissance. D11 OUT.

Goat Simulator: MMOre GoatZ Edition Release Date

By | Goat Simulator

Hey Folks,

It’s all systems goat at Double Eleven right now and with Goat Simulator MMOre GoatZ Edition due out on Xbox in less than a week, there’s no sign of us kidding around!

For those of you who aren’t aware, Goat Simulator MMOre GoatZ Edition is Goat MMO Simulator and Goat Z rolled into one neat package. We felt that you didn’t have quite enough hilarious, bug-filled fun with the first game so we decided to bring more goat-filled fun to the Xbox One & Xbox 360.
You can now be a simulated goat in a simulated MMO or a simulated goat in a simulated zombie apocalypse. Just when you thought you’d exhausted your Goat Simulator fantasies…..

I’m happy to tell you that Goat Simulator MMOre GoatZ Edition will be coming out on Xbox One on August 26th!


Feel free to follow @DoubleElevenLtd and @Coffee_Stain for more goaty goodness as it happens!

Frozen Synapse Prime Comes to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch August 20th!

By | Frozen Synapse Prime

Hi Guys, Double Eleven have developed and are launching Frozen Synapse Prime – the critically acclaimed remake of Frozen Synapse – on iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® on August 20th, from the App Store! Become the ultimate tactician.

For those new to the game, Prime features a rich single player campaign with 40+ challenging missions set within a dystopian future, where players take on the role of a tactician that controls an elite strike team of futuristic soldiers, from shotgunners and snipers to grenadiers and machine gunners.

In Prime, you go head to head with the AI; both teams plot paths and issue orders to their squad members, creating a plan on a turn-by-turn basis. Both plans are then played out on procedural, 3D, and destructible battlefields and the resulting combat ensues!

Prime also contains features to help players improve their planning and performance including; 3D cameras that provide a better perspective for planning and dynamic cinematic replays so players can re-watch their matches, analyse their planning post-battle and enhance their strategy for future matches.

Frozen Synapse Prime will be available for $4.99 on August 20th for the iPhone® 5 and up, iPad® 4 and up, iPad® Mini 2 and up, as well as the iPod touch® 6 and up.

Feel free to follow @DoubleElevenLtd and @FSTactics for all Prime news and updates.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

#GoatDay – Goat Simulator is out on PS3 & PS4

By | Goat Simulator

Hey folks,

A few weeks ago we announced that Goat Simulator is coming to PS3 and PS4 and now that day is here, #GoatDay.

Not sure what Goat Simulator is about? You could read our last blog post, or you could just watch our trailer and and let the classical music wash over you as the chaos unfolds.

You can get Goat Simulator from the PlayStation Store right now!

There are many qualities that can make a good game: awesome visuals, responsive controls, tight gameplay, rich background stories and characters. There’s so much choice today, almost too much. Goat Simulator gives you the alternative you’ve been seeking, a bug-filled experience where you get to be a goat who wrecks stuff. Add three friends for local co-op on PS4 or just your best friend on PS3. Simples. No complications, just a simple, goat-tastic gaming experience that allows you to cause more chaos than any goat has ever been able to… until now.

Oh, and one more thing. This is the first version of Goat Simulator to include GoatVR and we’re really excited to share this with you. The simulated GoatVR experience is so close to actually having a headset on that we expect a lot of you will instinctively reach to remove the headset after a game session, even though you never put one on in the first place! But fear not, we have many cardboard… I mean er… VR Headsets to go round.


Thanks for reading and hope you’ll give it a try!

Feel free to follow @DoubleElevenLtd and @Coffee_Stain for more goaty goodness as it happens!

Goat Simulator lands on PS3 and PS4 next month

By | Goat Simulator

Live your dreams in Coffee Stain Studios’ insane farmyard fantasy
Following a collaboration with Coffee Stain Studios, we are delighted to announce that Goat Simulator will be available on PS3 and PS4 from 11th August!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Goat Simulator, perhaps you haven’t, but for those of you who have spent their days hoping to be a goat, causing mayhem up, up, down, down, left right, left right of you – your dreams have finally come true! This is Goat Simulation on the bleeting edge of technology!

For information check out our game page: Goat Simulator, or the Official Playstation Blog Post

GoatSim-PS4 (7)

Feel free to follow @DoubleElevenLtd and @Coffee_Stain for more goaty goodness as it happens!

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition will be trampling Xbox this year!

By | Goat Simulator

Hi guys,

As you know we released – in collaboration with Coffee Stain Studios – the original Goat Simulator on Xbox. Shortly after launch, the studio was bombarded with letters and emails begging for more Goat-filled fun. Luckily we have a surprise for the fans of the original… Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition.

See what they did there? Genius. Players no longer have to fantasize about being simulated goats in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and or a simulated MMO; dreams are coming true for gamers the world over with this one.

Experience faction warfare between goats and sheep in MMO; warfare so good you’ll think that simulation is an understatement. As either a Warrior, Rouge, Magician, Hunter or Microwave, players embark on highly cerebral quests including “hand me that apple” or engage in an epic quest to lick 10,000 trees. All on your way to level all the way up to 101 – that’s right, not level 100, 101.

For players who wish they were in one of those popular dystopian zombie based TV shows, in real life then look no further! Players can push the physics system beyond its limits and throw themselves – as a goat – into the middle of a zombie apocalypse! Craft anything (as long as it’s one of six weapons) to survive and fight against the undead.

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition will be trampling Xbox One and Xbox 360 this year.

Feel free to follow @DoubleElevenLtd and @Coffee_Stain for more goaty goodness as it happens!

Top Tips: Nom Nom Galaxy

By | Nom Nom Galaxy

We’ve seen a lot of people enjoying Nom Nom Galaxy (NNG) since its launch so we thought we’d share a few of our tastiest top tips. For those new to the game, hopefully it shows a little more of what the game is all about!


As one of SoupCo’s loyal Astroworkers you’ll help to expand its soup empire across the whole galaxy by harvesting a planet’s ingredients and wildlife to make delicious soup! Two Astroworkers can play together in couch co-op or you can form a team of up to four online!

Once you make it through the handy tutorials, you’ll be given all the basic structures you need to set up your own basic soup factories, but as you conquer the market on more and more planets you’ll build up a huge array of buildings, weapons, vehicles and robots which will allow you to create the huge automated mega-factories of your dreams.

1. You can harvest baddies like veggies

Robots like ARTHUR can attack dangerous creatures for you and then CHARLES & CHARLIE can collect the tasty ingredients they leave behind!


2. Warp Gates – The shortest distance between two points

A pair of Warp Gates allow you to teleport back and forth. It’s a great way to explore vast landscapes, hurry back quickly when your factory is under attack or transport large quantities of ingredients from further areas.

Warping yourself around the map comes at a cost, however your robot workers can throw ingredients into a warp gate for free, just waiting to be received by your robot minions
on the other side!


3. Plants have needs, some have benefits

Flora and fauna differ on each planet, and many plants have unique properties to discover; Sunflowers won’t grow in the shade, Mushrooms only grow in caves, and Grass will naturally grow almost anywhere with ease. If you eat aquatic Brineweed (the red seaweed), it will replenish your Oxygen and help extend long underwater expeditions!


4. Chewing Gum?

Galactic Gums are awarded to you regularly and can do a number of cool things! Chew some ‘Oxy Breeze’ Gum and your Astroworker will fart out Oxygen as he moves. Chomp on some ‘Boulder Bash’ and you can punch through normally impenetrable solid rock!


5. Conveyors and Escalators

Automating your soup factory means less work for you. Conveyors can be placed next to escalators to carry ingredients and soup cans.


6. Power Management

Your factory needs power to keep it operational. All the components of your base need to be connected to keep the energy flowing. Metal girders and vertical struts can also transfer power around your factory!


7. The air we breathe

You can only explore so far as your oxygen supply takes you. Fortunately getting near an Oxygen Flower can re-supply you. When an Oxygen Flower grows tall you can punch to harvest it and plant two more anywhere you like!


8. Soup machines

These machines are the core of your factory, turning harvested ingredients to soup. You’ll notice a green radar on the soup machines, it points towards nearby ingredients!


9. Combat

You have to defend your base and fight creatures to convert them into tasty ingredients. There’s an assortment of weapons in the game, but if going in fists only why not hold ‘UP + Attack’’ to unleash a powerful DRAGON PUNCH! This move can also lead to air juggles!


10. Your boss, Robo-Sacho is in the know

Each planet on your galactic soup building conquest presents a unique set of challenges and secrets for you to discover. Robo-Sacho, on the start of your second day of work, will give you some insight into each planet’s secrets!


Our team of soup-pros at Double Eleven and Nom Nom players across the galaxy are finding new and interesting ways to export soup all the time. We’ll continue to publish the best tips, tricks and epic factory pics @DoubleElevenLtd

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