Dev Diary: Onwards to 2016

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We’re now officially done for the year, yes we’re closing our doors on 2015. This is of course is for a well deserved break for all our staff, so that we are all ready and recharged to welcome 2016 head on with our new project and I’m sure many more cool titles to come in 2016. (No spoilers here or else we’d be put behind bars)

2015 has been an amazing year for us, we’ve released a number of titles on multiple platforms, we’ve won an award from ID@Xbox for Goat Simulator, and we took a few games to different events around the world such as EGX Rezzed in London England and GamesCom in Cologne Germany, as well as attend some local events in the North East visiting a number of Universities.

With all of that said, we’d like to thank each and every one of you that supported our titles and us, without you and the hard work of our staff, we wouldn’t be here today.

In the words of a wise dolphin,

“So long and thanks for all the fish.”

Double Eleven Team

LBP PS Vita Behind the Curtain Developer Diary

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We have lifted the LBP curtains, revealing the passion both we and our brothers in arms Tarsier Studios have put into making the game an amazing experience.

Media Molecule have set the bar at a new height with the advent of the very first LBP. Both Tarsier and ourselves sought to pay homage to these efforts while creating something refreshing and original. PS Vita has been a tremendous platform for our game, taking full advantage of the new features the device brings as well as harnessing every drop of its processing power. We’ve always believed there is no better demonstrator of PS Vita’s abilities than LBP PS Vita.

The folks at Tarsier have leveraged our tech to create what we believe is truly awesome gameplay. We hope it comes across in this video on how the game was designed!