Get Psyched- Prison Architect DLC out on PS4 and Xbox One this week

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In June 2016 we launched Prison Architect on console. In January, it received a free content update, bringing players sniper towers and exclusive textures. Now we’re super excited to say that players can download a console-exclusive DLC pack, Psych Ward, available on PlayStation™ 4 from 6th of June, and Xbox One on the 9th. In it, you’ll find a load of stuff including, for the first time, a new inmate security type: the Criminally Insane.

Watch the trailer to see what’s included:

Detailed list of DLC content:

  • The Criminally Insane- inmates with new and varied reputations and desires, forcing you to explore new approaches to prison management.
  • Psychopathic Inmates – The most volatile and unpredictable criminally insane inmates have 5 or more traits and are branded Psychopathic! Keep a watchful eye out for these guys stepping off the bus.
  • Psychiatrist staff member- Hold consultation sessions to help support your prisoners’ needs.
  • New room types- Who doesn’t love their own space? Padded cells gradually improve inmate’s desires for Privacy, Comfort, Safety and Freedom, as well as feelings of Suppression.
  • Breakout!- A new game preference setting which allows you to ramp up the frequency of prisoner tunnel attempts.
  • Two new Wardens- Hawk Hartman improves the performance of guards, while Dr Slugworth offers additional benefits for Criminally Insane inmates.
  • 2 new pre-built prisons and 2 new building plots to use in Prison Warden mode


Bug list to follow.

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Songbringer coming to PS4, Xbox One and Steam this Summer!

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We’re delighted to officially announce our partnership with one-man development studio, Wizard Fu. Together, we’re bringing Songbringer, a procedurally generated action RPG set in a 13,000 B.C. Milky Way, to PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and Steam for PC, Mac and Linux this summer.

During times of peace the people party. Roq is a carefree dude just cruising the galaxy in search of the ultimate party aboard the space-faring art party ship, Songbringer. Roq wakes up, shirtless and confused on a strange planet. When Roq accidentally awakens an ancient evil army, the galaxy as he knows it is thrown into war. Now it’s up to Roq and his trusty robot sidekick, Jib, to save the galaxy from total annihilation.

Songbringer is a gorgeous procedurally-generated world populated with ten dungeons in 3/4­ perspective. Enter a six-­letter world seed code when starting a new adventure, granting you the possibility to explore 308 million unique environment combinations – no adventure is ever the same, unless you share your code with friends.

A rich, immersive story line and a fantastical sci-fi universe littered with secrets, Songbringer introduces the unique concept of hidden realms. As Roq, learn to utilize the powers of the rare cacti you will find in the world to see things that aren’t there (or are they?): doors, items and other loot that can help you on your journey.

With action-packed combat and several unique weapons to choose from, including the epic and humming nanosword, the boomerang-like top hat, the ghost sword projectile, and plenty of bombs, Songbringer allows players to go it alone in the galaxy or with a friend – local co-op allows for a second player to join you as Jib, your robot companion with a strange propensity for moustaches. Overcome crowded mobs, virus androids, gigantic bosses and solve a series of puzzles to get you back where you belong; at peace and partying the night away on the Songbringer as you sail the solar winds of the galaxy with your friends.

Check out some beta gameplay footage in preparation!


Songbringer will be on display at PAX East in Boston in March.  For more information, check out and be sure to follow @wizard_fu on Twitter.

Welcoming a new Community Associate

By | Double Eleven

At Double Eleven, nothing is more important than our players. To make sure we give them the best experience possible, we’ve brought on a new Community Associate. Natalie will be concentrating on interacting with our user base, as well as creating content and supporting marketing operations.

We’ve posed Natalie some gruelling questions, so you can get to know her a little better.


Who are you?

I’m a married cat lady, living in Teesside. I’m a regular gamer, a board game reviewer and comedy enthusiast. I love sci fi, cats, crafting and cats. Sometimes a combination of all the above.

What sort of games do you like to play?

My main loves are adventure games and RPGs. My early gaming history is in top-down strategy games like Dungeon Keeper, as well as point-and-click titles like Simon the Sorcerer. Since my first console (very worn out Crash Bandicoot disc), I’ve been a committed PlayStation fangirl, with a collection of PSones that borders on obsessive.

What makes you excited for working for Double Eleven?

Having been a gamer my whole life, it feels like an immense privilege to be on the inside for once. I’m excited about engaging with our players and making their lives better, while championing great projects and building strong relationships with other studios and partners. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be part of a company with such a strong reputation for quality and commitment. Also, the office is fantastic, which obviously helps.

What do you hope to achieve?

As Double Eleven move into a publishing-focused role, it’s more essential than ever to make sure that the company is communicating effectively with its players. Information and openness is key, and it’s important to make sure that not only are customers hearing about products, but also that players’ voices are being heard. Going forward, I hope to grow on Double Eleven’s user-first attitude, and help to improve the user experience. I want to showcase all of the things that makes Double Eleven unique and wonderful.

We’re really excited to have Natalie on board and finally give our valued community the attention it deserves. If you have any questions for Natalie or you’d just like to give her a warm welcome to the team, email [email protected] and she’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Shahid Ahmad Joins Double Eleven Advisory Board

By | Double Eleven

Hey Folks,

We have some really exciting news to share with you……..

Former Sony executive, Shahid Ahmad, has joined the company’s advisory board! He will be counseling Double Eleven as we continue our strategic growth path as a full-service publishing house in addition to being a fully-fledged development studio.

Shahid Ahmad brings a lifetime of experience in digital entertainment to his new role at Double Eleven. Best known for his role at Sony Computer Entertainment where he spent the last decade, Ahmad most recently achieved widespread success as Sony’s director of strategic content, and is responsible for bringing numerous indie successes to the mainstream console audience. He is the winner of several industry accolades for publishing and creative excellence, including the prestigious 2014 “Publishing Hero” award from Develop’s Industry Excellence Awards, and listed as GamesIndustry’s “Top 10 Persons of the Year” in 2013.

“Shahid’s incredible insight and background in the arena of independent development and publishing is overwhelmingly beneficial to Double Eleven; we’re so pleased to welcome him to our advisory board,” said Mark South, Chief Operating Officer. “Shahid’s role in elevating independent games as a whole to the mainstream audience is remarkable, so it’s a great honor to have his guidance as Double Eleven continues to grow in the games space. Equally, and more personally, he is one of the hardest working people I know and his character has shown integrity and honesty throughout. I’m both proud and honoured that we’re able to work together.”

“I’m honoured to be invited to Double Eleven’s Advisory Board. Having worked with the Double Eleven team on numerous projects while at PlayStation,” added Ahmad. “I was struck by their technical excellence, their commitment to quality and their devotion to delivering great experiences to video games players. Double Eleven are relentlessly driven and their many excellent qualities will I’m sure propel them to greater success as they expand their publishing ambitions.”

Exciting times indeed!

Dev Diary: Onwards to 2016

By | Dev Diary, Double Eleven


We’re now officially done for the year, yes we’re closing our doors on 2015. This is of course is for a well deserved break for all our staff, so that we are all ready and recharged to welcome 2016 head on with our new project and I’m sure many more cool titles to come in 2016. (No spoilers here or else we’d be put behind bars)

2015 has been an amazing year for us, we’ve released a number of titles on multiple platforms, we’ve won an award from [email protected] for Goat Simulator, and we took a few games to different events around the world such as EGX Rezzed in London England and GamesCom in Cologne Germany, as well as attend some local events in the North East visiting a number of Universities.

With all of that said, we’d like to thank each and every one of you that supported our titles and us, without you and the hard work of our staff, we wouldn’t be here today.

In the words of a wise dolphin,

“So long and thanks for all the fish.”

Double Eleven Team

Double Eleven Day

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Hey all, it’s officially Double Eleven Day & that means one thing. Sales for a number of our digital games on PC, including the PJ Series, Cloud Chamber and Frozen Synapse Prime.

From starting today for the next 48 hours, you can pick up these games:
PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate (Win/Mac) 90% OFF
PixelJunk Shooter (Win/Mac) 90% OFF
Frozen Synapse Prime (Windows) 75% OFF
Frozen Synapse Prime Soundtrack Edition 75% OFF
Nom Nom Galaxy (Windows) 20% OFF
PixelJunk Eden (Windows) 80% OFF
Cloud Chamber (Windows) 75% OFF
And our latest PixelJunk PC title: PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (Windows) 25% OFF

You can find a number of these and even a PixelJunk Series Bundle for 90% off (containing Monster Ultimate, Shooter and Eden) from our digital retail partners below.

Green Man Gaming, Games Rocket, Direct2Drive, Bundle Stars, and Get Games.

Keep an eye out on our twitter for more news on the sales, as they begin to roll out.

Happy hunting.

– Double Eleven Team

Exclusivity comes to an end as we split from Sony XDev!

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For those of you who follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you will already be aware of our split from Sony XDev. Late last week we announced the end of our exclusivity with Sony, which can only be described as the end of an era. The response from our fans has been very positive so far, wishing us luck for the future as we push into publishing on the PSN platform. As you can imagine, this is a super exciting time for us, onwards and upwards!

We gave our exclusive to Games Industry International and you can read it here:

Double Eleven splits from Sony XDev as it continues publishing push | GamesIndustry International


By | Double Eleven

We’ve been celebrating our wonderful team with the recent new ‘Double 1-to-1s’ blog interviews, and it’s great that they’ve been so well-received. In order to avoid flooding you with interviews – and constantly nagging our staff to answer our questions! – we’ve decided to release these in a timely fashion, with a rumination gap between each of a week or two.

We do want to show off the full roster of lovely people that work for us, though, and without waiting for each of their interviews to come out. So, we are happy to introduce our new Employee Profiles: simple bite-sized introductions to each team member.

These permanent fixtures will reside in the About Us section of our website. Head over there now to see the first batch we’ve put up. We’ll be adding more and more as they are written, so come back frequently to check for updates.


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Through all of the excitement of Thursday night carrying on right the way through Friday, we have just got round to posting the blog today! As you can imagine, the office was buzzing in the wake of us winning Company of the Year at theNorth East Business Awards. The tension built up as we watched many deserving companies pick up their awards and we have included a list of the night’s winners so you can have a look at what happened in the Teesside heat:

Company of the Year – Double Eleven (yes, we did it!!!)
Corporate Responsibility and Environment Award – J&B Recycling
Export Award – SSI
Heart of the Community – Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation
Innovation Award – Durable Technologies
Internet and ICT Award – Visualsoft eCommerce
Manufacturing Award – Nifco
Newcomer of the Year – Nortech Solutions
Services Award – Odyssey Systems
Small Business Award – Fifteen Digital

As Mark said on the night, we do feel very humbled to have received this award, especially with having been in competition with leading businesses from more traditional industries. We are so proud to be putting the digital sector ofMiddlesbrough on the map. We are also really excited for this coming year and next year; with some really exciting projects in the pipeline, these next few years are going to be amazing!

Teesside’s strength has always been in engineering anyway, but now we’re fortifying the software engineering element and doing everything we can to make the future brighter for the Tees Valley. There were many hardworking companies there on Thursday night who really deserved their awards and it was truly inspiring to see how much is going on in the Tees Valley and how hard people are working to put our region on the map for the best possible reasons.

We want to say a massive congratulations to all the winners of the NEBA Teesside heat and we are so excited for the Regional Final on April 25th!


By | Double Eleven

We’d love you to join us as we journey through the development of ‘Frozen Synapse: Tactics’ and experience the trials and triumphs we encounter along the way. So we’ve decided to write a series of Developer Diaries to open a window into our world and let you follow with us on the game’s progress, all the way to the finished title.

When we realised that we’d be taking the fantastic original Frozen Synapse and giving the player a more immersive and deeper experience with the game, we knew straight away that we had to do something extra special with the Vatforms. They are core to the gameplay and we wanted the player to feel a lot more connected to them and responsible for them. As part of achieving this we wanted to ensure that they had realistic animations. The Vatforms are similar to natural humans; bipedal bodies of muscle, blood and flesh; so we needed to portray this in their movements and communicate that they’re not simply robots or computer models.

There’s also nothing more fun in the original game than watching a plan come together as you see your units blasting the other enemy units away. Getting this same feeling in the new game was therefore a major focus for us. To achieve this, the series of motions we were most keen to get right were thedeaths. When a sniper gets a headshot or a shotgunner blasts a unit back off its feet, it’s a great sensation in-game. That “Blam!” feeling from successfully taking another unit down is what makes Frozen Synapse so fun to play. We realised that the best way to get this absolutely spot-on was to use motion capture.

For the motion capture we went to Audiomotion. They’ve won a bunch of awards for their work on a host of games and movies, including a big range of shooters such as Far Cry 3, so we knew they’d be right for the job. They brought in stuntmanJohn Street (who’s done stunts for The Dark Knight Rises, Inception and The Bourne Ultimatum!) for the actual actions of the Vatforms.

Donned in a black bodysuit bedecked with white bobbles, our stuntman had to repeatedly get shot with imaginary bullets fired at various angles from imaginary guns. For the higher-impact actions, such as the shotgun death, poor John was yanked to the floor via a bungee cable strapped to his waist. It was quite amusing and a lot of fun watching him die over and over again, though he must have got sick of those crash mats! We collected a great set of motions from the day’s recordings. A particular favourite of ours is the ‘headshot from behind’. You can view that and a few others on our YouTube channel.

The animations are now being touched-up by our animatorand we think they look excellent so far. We hope you enjoy seeing the motions in-game as much as we enjoyed watching them being performed.

Stay tuned for more developer diaries coming soon.