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LittleBigPlanet PS Vita was an extraordinary project for Double Eleven. When Sony approached us with the prospect we were very excited with the challenge it posed. Getting the PS3 predecessor running on the Vita was the first step. Once we had achieved that, we knew we could do it. We were lucky to have an especially experienced team already, but this game was going to be a massive undertaking and we realised we’d have to expand. Sony’s trust was a compliment to our work and nothing stated that clearer than when we were asked us to become one of their exclusive studios. We signed, and got to work on LBP Vita straight away knowing what a magnificent achievement it would be as our first released title.

Taking Media Molecule‘s baby was a huge responsibility. Not only did Mm help establish one of Sony’s best known brands, but they also created a community of adoring fans that we knew we wanted to impress. Alex Evans was always bursting with enthusiasm for us and the project; it was clear why so many have such a soft spot for LBP and his company. This was further motivation to do a really excellent job on the title.

We were never alone with Sackboy though. Tarsier Studios were responsible for the level design in the game and they had a long history steeped in Craftworld and the Imagisphere. As makers of most of the costumes for LBP2, we knew they understood the style and aesthetic of the universe better than most. Watching them develop the levels and art style alongside our programming was a real pleasure. Seeing their work and ambitions made us want to keep pushing the technology of the Vita harder and harder, permitting them to make more and more stunning content. The final result has been praised across the board, which is a really great feeling.

The reviews since launch have been excellent and we’re over the moon with the feedback we’ve received. Hitting the highest metacritic score for the platform at the time was a real achievement and reading some of the comments from journalists and reviewers has been a pleasure. LittleBigPlanet has, and always will be, a monumental milestone in the history of Double Eleven. Working on this title has taught us a lot and provided us with a lot, and we’ll develop greatly from the experience. We’re proud to forever be a part of the history of this defining Sony franchise.

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More Information

  • Genre: Family
  • Developer: Double Eleven/Tarsier Studios
  • Players: 1
  • File Size: 1.6GB
  • Platform(s): PS Vita