Strictly no agencies

This is a full-time position based in the Middlesbrough studio. 

We are looking for experienced, multi-talented and driven Games Designers with a passion for games, to work in-house with our strong design and game development teams.


  • Playing a key role in the creation of beautiful games and memorable player experiences.
  • Joining a company in a very senior, decision-making capacity.
  • Working with structure but having the creative freedom to work in white space.
  • Working with a team that has a great reputation in the industry, only works on projects where it can do a great job and continues to grow.

If so, you may be interested in becoming a GamesDesigner at Double Eleven.

As we expand our product portfolio with AAA games (including recent announcements and more to come), there are a number of new openings in our Middlesbrough office, as we look to expand and strengthen our design division. 

We are looking for individuals with experience in Games Design who can match their creativity with a methodical approach to game design challenges.

The role requires an experienced individual who is excited by creating coherent game designs and facilitating the implementation of such features or mechanics through their production path. 

This includes presenting a high standard of design materials (from documents to diagrams) that consider the game as a whole, to iterating, testing, tweaking and balancing.


  • Work closely with other designers and all departments (Art, Code, Production and QA) as the game takes shape, convey your ideas concisely and champion a high level of quality and player experience throughout.
  • Own individual areas of the game, features or mechanics, from their concept through to completion.
  • Undertake and approach design tasks that are fit for purpose – Whether it be designing brand new content, creating suitable additional content for our current catalogue, or analysing and improving existing features for a game we may be bringing across to a new platform.
  • Create clear annotated mock-ups and/or diagrams for UI(s) and HUDs, for artists and coders to follow and implement efficiently.
  • Visualise and consider the entire game and its components when designing or improving content. A great designer can not only come up with innovative new mechanics but also fully understand the implications on the rest of the game and its ecosystems: Controls, UI, player messaging and feedback, consistency, pacing, difficulty curve, etc.
  • Take a proactive approach to foresee problems and provide design solutions that are mindful of a project’s scope and timescales. Creativity is important, but being able to adapt to and be considerate of a project’s constraints throughout is of the utmost importance, as well as staying faithful to the IP.


  • Two or more years working as a Games Designer on at least 1 shipped product. We are flexible in this regard and would consider the right candidate with more experience at a lower level.
  • Experience working independently, and working closely with other departments to
    communicate and deliver your designs to a high standard.
  • A high level of general language skills and an ability to create an exceptional standard of
    design specs, documentation, diagrams, spreadsheets or flow charts to communicate your design visions clearly and concisely.
  • A broad knowledge of games and an excellent understanding of what makes them work.


  • Experience in participating in various forms of game design, including; UI/UX, game modes, key features and mechanics, balancing and progression, accessibility, reward systems, etc.
  • We also hope that you could bring your own unique experiences and skill-sets to our business.
  • Experience in prototyping / rapid concept prototyping.
  • Experience working on Live Service products and designing for a game’s post-launch content.
  • Experience working on both PC and current-gen console platforms.
  • Knowledge and experience of game engines (Unity/Unreal), scripting (Java/Lua), database creation/management.
  • Creative or narrative writing skills and experience, perhaps classically trained.
  • Experience working on titles or projects with live operations.
  • An active interest in current and future trends in the computer games industry.


All relevant qualifications considered.


We’re pretty sure we’re the best place to work, period. Some of our developer benefits include:

  • Flexible working hours.
  • Flexible lunch hours.
  • Personal development plan and potential annual performance bonuses.
  • Vitality Private Healthcare (for you and your family).
  • Christmas bonuses.
  • Awesome office facilities; cinema, video game suite, state of the art kitchen and custom poker room (Middlesbrough studio).
  • Regular team lunches and title launch parties.
  • Additional leave for moving house and birthdays.
  • Cycle scheme.
  • Potential relocation package.


Double Eleven Limited is a full-service publisher and developer, with our head office located in Middlesbrough and a second office in Birmingham. Since becoming an independent publisher, Double Eleven has focused on bringing great games to new platforms and audiences including titles from the PixelJunk series, Prison Architect, and Goat Simulator. Double Eleven has also developed a strong reputation for technical skill, working on external titles such as the Lego Harry Potter series (PS4/XB1/Switch), Limbo (Vita) and most recently Crackdown 3 (Windows 10).


In 2017 and 2018, we were voted one of the best places to work in the UK Games Industry by

At Double Eleven, the creativity of our workforce is the driving force in the values we hold. From project development to business development to marketing and distribution, there’s a huge amount of talent and experience here from all levels of the games industry. Through hard work, integrity and solidarity, we are able to use that experience to create and bring to market great games that people enjoy.

To apply please email [email protected] with a copy of your CV and covering letter which highlights why you would be ideal for this role. We will endeavour to get back to you once we have reviewed your application. 

Shortlisted applicants will be required to complete a test piece and if that is successful, an interview.