About Doctor Who Infinity

Doctor Who Infinity, the upcoming title from Tiny Rebel games, follows the success of Doctor Who Legacy, a story-driven puzzle game set in the Doctor’s Universe. The first adventure is titled Dalek Invasion of Time, expected for release in 2018.

“We aren’t revealing many gameplay details at this time, so early on,” Susan Cummings, Executive Producer for Tiny Rebel Games, told RadioTimes.com.

“But what we can tell you is that there will be many differences revealed at launch. This isn’t a sequel, this is a new platform for delivery of stories written by well-known Doctor Who writers.”

What We Did

Recognising the strong potential of the title, Double Eleven came in as financial investors to Doctor Who Infinity, and will offer development support where needed.

More Information

  • Developer: Tiny Rebel
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Platform(s): Mobile
  • Players: 1