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Songbringer presents a gorgeous procedurally-generated overworld with ten dungeons in 3/4­ perspective. Enter a six-­letter world seed code when starting a new adventure, and explore one of 308 million world combinations – no adventure is ever the same, unless you share your code with friends.

With action-packed combat and unique weapons to choose from, including the epic and humming nanosword, the boomerang­-like top hat, the ghost sword projectile, and plenty of bombs, Songbringer allows players to go it alone in the galaxy or with a friend – local co-op allows for a second player to join you as Jib, your robot companion with a strange propensity for mustaches. Overcome crowded mobs, virus androids, gigantic bosses and solve a series of puzzles to get you back where you belong; at peace and partying the night away on the Songbringer as you sail the solar winds of the galaxy with your friends.

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Songbringer coming to PS4, Xbox One and Steam this Summer!

| Double Eleven, Songbringer | 2 Comments

We’re delighted to officially announce our partnership with one-man development studio, Wizard Fu. Together, we’re bringing Songbringer, a procedurally generated action RPG set in a 13,000 B.C. Milky Way, to PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and Steam for PC, Mac and Linux this summer. During times of peace the people party. Roq is a carefree dude just cruising the galaxy in search of…

More Information

  • Developer: Wizard Fu, Double Eleven
  • Genre: Construction, Simulator
  • Platform(s): Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC
  • Players: 1
  • Publisher: Double Eleven
  • Website: songbringer.com