As a developer you could single-handedly conceive, develop and release a game on your own. So the question is, what’s the additional value to working with Double Eleven?

What We Do

Double Eleven has a stellar industry reputation for bringing existing PC games to console. We handle multi-platform development, quality assurance & certification, release management, ratings, market planning, PR and sales life cycle.

We respect the energy and commitment it takes to make a great game because it’s something we do ourselves. As a publisher, we acknowledge this by treating your game with the same care we would one of our own, particularly when it comes to sharing your creation with the gaming community. As a developer we know what can and can’t be controlled or defined and, most importantly, how to deliver a project to plan and budget. Publishing your game forms part of the mix of titles we release as a business: we also carry out work for other studios as well as develop and publish our own titles.

Why We Do It

Let’s clear up one thing right from the start – we’re just like you – we’re not a sausage machine and this is not a numbers game. We choose to work with games that we have genuine interest in, and with developers who share our passion for excellence and innovation.

We have no external investors, shareholders, organised crime connections (yet), or ulterior motives. We’re completely independent and free to pursue the games we want to publish. When we work with another studio on a title, it’s the first step towards a long relationship. Our ambition is that you become a part of our ecosystem of trusted partners.

Who We Choose To Work With

Teams we’ve previously collaborated with include:

If you are considering speaking to us as a publisher, it’s important that you understand how we work as it may be quite different to what you are used to.

By design we are a small, dedicated team, so we’re naturally selective about the games we take on. This means that each game gets our full attention and is delivered to an uncompromising standard. What that means for you is that, as well as ensuring we select only solid games, extra consideration is given for for projects that mesh well with our team’s strengths and schedule.

If you have a game that may be of interest to us, please get in touch.

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