Strictly No Agencies
This is a full-time role
Applications close Friday 12th October 2018

We are pleased to announce we are looking for QA Game Testers to join our highly experienced team here at Double Eleven. The position will involve testing pre-released games and verifying functionality, data content, performance, usability/playability, and hardware/software compatibility. Previous experience in QA is preferred but not essential.

Do you believe

  • That one person can make a difference
  • It’s more about the method than the outcome
  • There’s always a better way to do something
  • Pride in your work is the first step in a successful career and no job is too small

Would you enjoy

  • Working in the constantly innovating business end of a video game developer and publisher
  • Being part of a very small team where your actions and results are recognised immediately
  • Being trusted to work independently to the highest standard

If so, you may be interested in becoming a Quality Assurance Game Tester.
Formed in 2009, we are one of the most respected video game developers and publishers in the UK. In 2013 we were awarded Teesside’s Company of Year Award at the North East Business Awards.

Working @ Double Eleven

We’re pretty sure we’re the best place to work, some of our great benefits include:
• Flexible working hours
• Personal development plan
• Vitality Private Healthcare
• Additional leave for birthdays and moving house
• Christmas bonuses
• Awesome office facilities; cinema, video game suite, state of the art kitchen and custom poker room
• Regular team lunches and title launch parties
• Cycle scheme

We are fundamentally different in the way we work and what you may be used to. Think of us as a crew instead of an office, heading in the same direction and dependant on one another to succeed. Expectations are high, but so is the sense of accomplishment. As well as speed and flexibility, we place great emphasis on integrity, working hard and team solidarity.


  • QA testing the title for issues and defects
  • Effectively communicating defects to the development team and entering bugs into our bug tracking database
  • Working closely with the development team to help them with specific tests
  • Carefully and thoroughly documenting all software defects
  • Work closely with QA Lead, Build Supervisor and development throughout the product lifecycle
  •  Assisting other QA members on projects as needed
  • Such other responsibilities which are required from time to time

Key skills required:

  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent self-management and organisational abilities
  •  Aptitude to learn quickly and effectively
  • Ability to remain focused in a team-oriented environment

Skills or interests considered a bonus

  • Previous Testing experience within a development environment
  • Skill/experience in any other area of game development and/or strong IT knowledge
  • Knowledge of project management software such as Hansoft, Testrail, Jira, TFS.


• All relevant qualifications considered

To apply please email j[email protected] with a copy of your CV and covering letter which highlights why you would be ideal for this role. We will endeavour to get back within a week of the closing date.


What We Do

Double Eleven is an indie-friendly developer and publisher of video games.
As a developer we have a tremendous amount of experience, and a publisher we have an equal amount of respect for the process. Our philosophy is simply that; great people + great environment = the best chance of making a game people will enjoy.

Our Ethos

Double Eleven is a name to describe the people that create all the value. From development, to business development to marketing and distribution there’s a huge amount of talent and experience here from all levels of the games industry. Through hard work, integrity and solidarity, we are able to use that experience to create and bring to market great games that people enjoy.