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These are full time positions based in either Birmingham or Middlesbrough.
We are always keen to receive expressions of interest for this position and we will review all applications as and when we receive them.


  • Playing a key role in the creation of beautiful games.
  • Joining a company known for its technical capabilities in a very senior, decision making capacity.
  • Demonstrating your proven technical acumen and utilising your strong leadership skills.
  • Having creative freedom to enhance or introduce meaningful business and technical processes.
  • Joining a highly skilled team with over 15 years average industry experience.
  • Working with a team that has a great reputation in the industry, only works on projects where it can do a great job and continues to grow.

If so, you may be interested in becoming a Technical Producer at Double Eleven.

We are fundamentally different in the way that we work and what you may be used to. Our company was created on the premise that people could have normal lives and do what they love doing. On the rare occasions we work overtime it’s almost always paid and from time to time we also offer voluntary out of hours paid projects. Think of us as a crew instead of a studio, heading in the same direction and dependent on one another to succeed.

We are looking for a highly experienced and driven individual to fill this challenging but very rewarding role. Our Technical Producer will assist with development, online services and live operations. Colleagues would describe you as a highly organised individual with superb communication abilities, that is comfortable managing the schedules of complex software projects.

Expectations are very high given our reputation in the industry. In addition to experience and skill, we place great emphasis on integrity, working hard and team solidarity.


  • Be a technical oracle – With one hand on complex, highly dependant task lists and the other on the overall technical direction of the project you are able to provide transparency on project status and risks to relevant stakeholders in order to ensure they are properly informed of any impacts.
  • Take technical control of projects and work with established teams to tackle a wide variety of tasks, providing leadership, quality assurance and mentorship where needed.
  • Completely own the communication of the technical aspects of a project, within the team, between teams and to all external stakeholders in methods and manners commensurate with the party or individuals.
  • Ensure our engineers feel empowered to carry out the work at hand by ensuring there is an achievable schedule, and the team has the resources they need to deliver on time and at a high quality level.
  • Work with the senior management team and partners on budget setting, project planning, decision making and agreeing deliverable content.
  • Tracking live issues affecting end users and ensuring they are being followed up on and resolved.
  • Formulate and share best practices with other members of the company.
  • Hansoft task, bug entry, and maintenance.
  • Ensure we’re constantly innovating through the use of new technologies and methodologies.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as defined by the studio manager.
  • Be an ambassador of our company and our values to partners, the general public or anyone else we engage with on our journey.


  • Background in programming or other technical experience.
  • Meticulous attention to detail, and good organisational skills.
  • Excellent time management, multitasking skills and the ability to process complex information quickly and effectively.
  • Knowledge and experience of Unity, UE4 or any other large proprietary game engine.
  • A strong interest in games or gaming technologies.
  • Experience working on titles or projects with live operations.
  • Experience with SCRUM or AGILE methodologies.


  • Four or more years of industry experience in a similar role.
  • Technical gaming knowledge, ideally with several years of production experience.
  • Experience in software profiling and optimisation techniques.
  • Strong general knowledge of the video game production process – ideally a comprehensive end-to-end oversight from within the industry.


  • An interest in games.
  • Knowledge in a variety of special FX techniques.
  • Knowledge of graphics pipelines and hardware.
  • Business management experience.


All relevant qualifications considered.


We’re pretty sure we’re the best place to work, period. Some of our developer benefits include:

  • Flexible working hours.
  • Flexible lunch hours.
  • Personal development plan and annual potential annual performance bonuses.
  • Vitality Private Healthcare (for you and your family).
  • Christmas bonuses.
  • Awesome office facilities; cinema, video game suite, state of the art kitchen and custom poker room (Middlesbrough studio).
  • Regular team lunches and title launch parties.
  • Additional leave for moving house and birthdays.
  • Cycle scheme.
  • Potential relocation package.


Double Eleven Limited is a full-service publisher and developer, with our head office located in Middlesbrough and a second office in Birmingham. Since becoming an independent publisher, Double Eleven have focused on bringing great games to new platforms and audiences including titles from the PixelJunk series, Prison Architect, and Goat Simulator. Double Eleven has also developed a strong reputation for technical skill, working on external titles such as the Lego Harry Potter series (PS4/XB1/Switch), Limbo (Vita) and most recently Crackdown 3 (Windows 10).


In 2017 and 2018, we were voted one of the best places to work in the UK Games Industry by

Double Eleven is a name to describe the people that create all the value. From development to business development to marketing and distribution, there’s a huge amount of talent and experience here from all levels of the games industry. Through hard work, integrity and solidarity, we are able to use that experience to create and bring to market great games that people enjoy.

To apply please email [email protected] with a copy of your CV and covering letter which highlights why you would be ideal for this role. We will endeavour to get back to you once we have reviewed your application.