Reputation is Everything

What if you could work with a studio that had the organisation, ability and imagination to create a game as you wanted, when you wanted, on budget?

We only undertake titles that we know with confidence can be achieved within the required time frame, within budget and, (most importantly) to an exceptional standard. For these reasons, we are regarded as a trusted pair of hands, resulting in our working on some of the best games in the industry.

Our Team

Each person on our team has, on average, over 12 years of industry experience. Our team is guided by three core values; hard work, integrity and solidarity, and we naturally extend those values to work we complete for our partner companies. While our team is purposefully small, we hire a breadth of talent, ensuring that we cover all aspects of the development process. Double Eleven employs highly experienced and specialised designers, coders, QA, and artists, to ensure a robust spread of skills and interests.

We specialise in creating remasters of existing games and adapting them for a console market. Adapting a game goes far beyond UI and controls; it is about creating an experience that console gamers would want to buy and enjoy playing. We start from the core mechanics and work our way back up to an entire game.

From a technology perspective, our studio can utilise a number of solutions including:

Working within a custom/older games engines
Utilising our own multi-platform engine (platforms supported…)
Middleware (Unreal, Unity, Gamemaker)


Because two teams can be more than the sum of their parts, we also work well with other teams, and are highly experienced setting up and working with shared code bases for seamless integration, managing the entire production.

Some of the companies we’ve developed with:

If there’s a project you have in mind for us, please feel free to get in touch.

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