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Players build and manage their own maximum security prison built to hold the most hardened of criminals. The console editions include a fully-fledged story mode and sandbox mode with entirely new in-game community features allowing players to build, maintain and share their maximum security prisons with the touch of a button.

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All Day And A Night DLC

All Day And A Night DLC

Psych Ward DLC

Psych Ward DLC


87/100- Cog Connected: Prison Architect is a breakthrough game in the simulation genre. It demonstrates that an engaging story, a massive amount of content and endless replayability is more important than the bare bones idea of simulation and construction. …Read More

XBLA Fans: Clearly, if you’ve read this review and seen the score below, you’re be aware that I consider Prison Architect to be an absolutely essential purchase for any fan of management simulators or strategy games. I love this genre, and that means I can judgePrison Architect quite critically. …Read More

Latest News

First Escape Mode DLC details revealed

| Double Eleven, Prison Architect | No Comments
You might remember that we announced an Escape Mode DLC for Prison Architect: Console Edition, back in November. Well, we've been beavering away on development and today Kotaku UK shared some early details of the DLC: Escape Mode for Prison Architect: Console Edition puts you in the shoes of a newly incarcerated prisoner trying to climb to the top of…

Bigger, Better, Escapier: Prison Architect Escape Mode DLC Coming to Xbox One and PS4 in 2018

| Prison Architect | 27 Comments
We’ve previously spoken about our reasons for not including Escape Mode in our development for Prison Architect: Console Edition, a decision which understandably disappointed some players. The short version of the story is that we’re always listening to the feedback from our dedicated console community, and we’re pleased to let you know that we’re about to begin work on our…

Get Psyched- Prison Architect DLC out on PS4 and Xbox One this week

| Double Eleven, Prison Architect | No Comments
In June 2016 we launched Prison Architect on console. In January, it received a free content update, bringing players sniper towers and exclusive textures. Now we’re super excited to say that players can download a console-exclusive DLC pack, Psych Ward, available on PlayStation™ 4 from 6th of June, and Xbox One on the 9th. In it, you’ll find a load…

Prison Architect: PS4 and Xbox One Community Update

| Prison Architect | One Comment
Hello Wardens! We've spent a long time reading your requests and we're thrilled to give you a content update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While we couldn't give players everything they wanted (believe me, we'd love to!) we've added in a load of new content for you. For the first time on console, you can build and staff your own…

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  • Developer: Double Eleven, Introversion
  • Genre: Construction, Simulator
  • Platform(s): Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Playstation 4
  • Players: 1
  • Publisher: Double Eleven
  • Websiteprisonarchitect.double11.com



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